What To Do When You Can?t Afford Your car insurance premium

If you cannot afford to pay your entire car insurance bill, talk to your company about making a partial payment when your bill is due. Some companies will continue your coverage, as long as you pay something.

If you have not shopped for car insurance in several years, now may be a good time to compare rates. New customers report considerable savings when shopping for car insurance.

Missed payments can lower your credit rating, making it more expensive to get car insurance coverage in the future. If a credit card company or department store offers deferred billing, look carefully at the terms, so that you?re not in deeper debt in the New Year.
Also check out these items ? you may qualify for a discount on your car insurance:

Ask your car insurance company about Low Mileage discounts if you drive less than 10,000 miles each year. Likewise, ask your car insurance company about ?Hybrid discounts? if you?ve recently purchased an eco-friendly car.

Check on early shopping discounts if you renew two weeks before your policy expires.

Check ?Good student? discounts for high school and college students with a B or better average.

Check defensive driving course discount if you?ve taken a class within 3 years.

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